We are not currently accepting lottery applications or lottery-based enrollments. Guaranteed placement options are still available. Lottery applications will remain closed until further notice. Scholarship applications remain open.

For many women, becoming a birth professional isn’t a decision made on a whim. It is a decision made after careful thought and deliberation by women who have felt a calling to help other women. Becoming a birth professional is a life-altering and rewarding experience that requires dedication, passion and love. Most women, however, are shocked when they discover the costs associated with becoming a certified birth professional. Although training isn’t mandatory to becoming a professional in the field, going through a training program has many benefits and offers professionals the education, skills and knowledge they need to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to become a birth professional
Unfortunately, for many women, the costs associated with becoming a birth professional are prohibitive and many women who felt a calling to pursue becoming a professional in the field are unable to do so due to financial constraints. With training programs costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, going through professional training simply isn’t an option for many.

At Intuitive Childbirth we believe that just as every woman deserves the services as a birth professional, regardless of her ability to pay, every woman deserves the opportunity to become a birth professional, regardless of her ability to pay for training. Becoming a birth professional is not a decision made for the sake of making money, but is a decision made out of love for women, birth and breastfeeding.

There are many professionals who are so passionate about what they do that they often provide their services for a reduced fee, or even free of charge, to women in need in their communities. To us, it felt wrong that these women who truly care about what they are doing, are being charges exorbitant amounts of money for training. It didn’t feel right, because it isn’t right.

We decided to change that.

Women need birth professionals, and many times, it can be hard for an woman to obtain the services of a birth professional, especially if she has financial restrictions. The world needs more birth professionals, but with the extremely high cost of training, there are women all over the world who do not pursue becoming a professional simply because of the cost. We wanted these women, and all women, to have the opportunity to pursue becoming a birth professional, making the world a better place one birth, one mother and one baby at a time.

For this reason, training through Intuitive Childbirth is provided at an affordable rate, with the additional unique opportunity offered through our lottery system. We believe that training should be accessible to everyone. Becoming a birth professional should not be based on the ability a woman has to pay. Our program is a revolutionary new program, providing opportunity where there wasn’t previously.

We have designed this program based around a lottery system. Each month, a specified number of slots are available for our lottery-based courses. Prospective students are encouraged to apply for these spots and at the beginning of the month, names are drawn from all applications received the prior month. Applicants who are selected must pay a  registration fee and submit a course contract to finalize their enrollment. The winners are then added to the introductory course. Once the introductory materials have been completed, students are then added to their intended course of study. All students, regardless of admission method, must complete the introductory course.

For applicants who would prefer to bypass the lottery, there is a guaranteed placement option allowing prospective students to enroll and begin their studies sooner.

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